NWC Visitors


The Napa Women’s Club (NWC) is a family of organizations committed to the empowerment of women and to the development of strong local communities.  The First Edition, Evening Edition and Executive Board are distinctly woven club entities that generally meet and operate independently; they collaborate on mutual benefit endeavors and assets management.

The First Edition is steeped in the historic functions and traditional values of the club.  The membership meets monthly around a luncheon format for women with mid-day schedule flexibility.

The Evening Edition is progressive and contemporary in adapting club values to modern-day living.  The membership meets monthly around a potluck/dinner format for women with evening schedule availability.

The Executive Board provides governance and operational oversight for the clubhouse, website and other mutual benefit assets.  The board meets monthly at the clubhouse.

Women visitors who are interested in joining the Napa Women’s Club are the pipeline of the organization for sustainability and growth; bringing renewed potential, life, energy and resources to advance the club’s strategic pursuits of community service engagement and charitable endeavors.

Business leaders, community partners and the general public are invited to support women empowerment initiatives, to help advance community strengthening efforts and/or to rent the Clubhouse for community functions and special events.