About the FE



Women gathered in 1903 as the New Century Club of Napa; their club federated in 1912; and then organized and incorporated as the Napa Women’s Club in 1948. The club was founded as a social enterprise to enrich the sense of community within the Napa Valley by empowering, serving and advocating on behalf of local women.

First Edition members live out the volunteer spirit consistent with efforts of sister Women’s Clubs across the nation and throughout the world.  Club members are challenged to:

  • carry out charitable service programs,
  • embrace leadership opportunities,
  • advance women’s societal contributions through personal growth and
  • explore creative, recreational and collaborative community benefit pursuits.

Networks & Affiliations

The club is an active member of:

Please visit the websites linked above of the aforementioned organizations or the video linked below for additional information regarding the greater network of Women’s Clubs.

The Mission

The First Edition is a grassroots women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others.  This mission is achieved by:

  • Fundraising to help preserve and maintain the NWC Clubhouse, a historic structure located in the heart of downtown Napa.
  • Offering the historic clubhouse as a community resource for meetings, functions and special events.
  • Partnering with allied nonprofit organizations who are mission-driven to serve and mentor women.
  • Providing financial resources to local nonprofit organizations to advance efforts that directly support and uplift the lives of women.

The Clubhouse

Built in 1875, the NWC Clubhouse is a historic Craftsman style building in the City of Napa.  The structure originally was designed as a one-room schoolhouse and was expanded into a three-room educational building in 1901.  It was known as South Primary School and Franklin Primary School.

Following its use for public education, the structure was repurposed as a church in the 1930’s.  The building also served as a preschool, a music school and a home for a children’s theater group.

When the club incorporated in 1948 through the California Secretary of State, the club purchased the building and has retained sole ownership since that time.  The Clubhouse has faithfully served the club’s membership as a hub for meetings, social interactions, community engagement and collaborative pursuits.