EE Meetings


The Evening Edition maintains an active meeting schedule to accommodate various interests and functions.  These gatherings include:

  • monthly membership potluck dinner meetings
  • monthly lunch outings
  • monthly Board and leadership meetings
  • periodic committee and special teams meetings and
  • seasonal special events.

See the master calendar for scheduled meetings, events and activities.

See the events page for upcoming marquee happenings.

Evening Edition Meetings

Meeting participants typically are working professionals, retirees and others who embrace a more contemporary approach to Club engagement amid the challenges and realities of modern-day living.  General membership monthly meetings are conducted around an evening potluck format with more than fifty active participants.  These meetings often include entertainment, special speakers, announcements, opportunity drawings and alcohol service.  Special activities of the Evening Edition include monthly lunch outings, off-site field trips, a members only “End-of-the-Club-Year” party (in June), a “Friend-Raiser” celebration to kick off the new Club year (in September) and a holiday celebration in December.  Guests and newcomers are welcome (except for events distinctly designated for/as members only).

General Meeting Times & Dates

  • Club year runs from September to June (of the subsequent calendar year) with no monthly membership meetings in November, July nor August
  • Club year kicks off with a “Friend Raiser Party” meeting in September
  • Club year sunsets with an “End of Year Party” meeting in early June
  • With observance of Thanksgiving Day and calendar-year-end holidays, the club forgoes a November monthly meeting and observes a “Holiday Party” meeting in early December
  • General Membership  |  4th Tuesday of the month (usually)  |  6:00pm
  • Out to Lunch Bunch  |  last Friday of the month  |  noon
  • Board of Directors & Committee Chairs  |  3rd Tuesday of the month  |  5:30pm