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The Napa Women’s Club (NWC) Evening Edition is an empowerment organization with a proud and longstanding history of engagement in and contribution to the City of Napa and the surrounding region.  Below is a brief overview of the Club.


The NWC was founded in 1948 by a group of energetic, community-minded women.  The Club was founded as a social enterprise to enrich the sense of community within the Napa Valley by empowering, serving and advocating on behalf of women and children.

Since the club's inception, NWC members have lived out the volunteer spirit consistent with efforts of sister Women’s Clubs across the globe.

group outingMembers of the NWC Evening Edition are challenged to:

  • carry out charitable service programs,
  • embrace leadership opportunities,
  • advance women's societal contributions through personal growth and
  • explore creative and recreational ways to do good collaboratively.

Networks and Affiliations

The NWC Evening Edition is an active member of:

Please check out the websites linked above of the aforementioned organizations or the video linked below for additional information regarding the network of Women’s Clubs.

Inclusion and Community

friendsThe Club fosters a culture of empowerment and continually provides opportunities for women to meet socially, network professionally and form lasting friendships and connections.  The Club’s membership is diverse in terms of ethnic backgrounds, political and social views, socioeconomic statuses, marital and familial backgrounds, as well as professional and/or domestic pursuits.  Club members are multi-generational, from various faith or no-faith traditions and engaged in a myriad of recreational and passion-driven pastimes.  Collectively, NWC Evening Edition members are committed to community engagement and volunteerism.

Organizational Structure

NWC is comprised of three organizational bodies.

  • NWC First Edition:  steeped in the traditional functions and historical values of the Club
  • NWC Evening Edition:  a progressive and contemporary collaboration seeking to adapt Club values to modern-day living and
  • NWC Corporation:  provides governance and operational oversight of mutual benefit assets.

The Mission

annual golf tournamentThe NWC Evening Edition is a grassroots women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.  This mission is achieved by:

  • Fundraising to preserve and maintain a historic structure (the NWC Clubhouse) located in the heart of Napa.
  • Offering the historic Clubhouse as a community resource for meetings, functions and special events.
  • Partnering with allied nonprofit organizations who are mission-driven to serve and mentor women and children.
  • Providing financial resources to local nonprofit organizations to advance efforts that directly support and uplift the lives of underserved women and children.

The Clubhouse

Built in 1875, the NWC Clubhouse is a historic Craftsman style building in the City of Napa.  The structure originally was designed as a one-room schoolhouse and was expanded into a three-room educational building in 1901.  It was known then as South Primary School and Franklin Primary School.

vintage clubhousehistoric clubhouse

Following its use for public education, the structure was repurposed as a church in the 1930’s.  The building also served as a preschool, a music school and a home for a children’s theater group.

When the NWC incorporated in 1948 through the California Secretary of State, the club purchased the building and has retained sole ownership since that time.  The clubhouse has faithfully served the NWC’s membership as a hub for meetings, social interactions, community engagement and collaborative pursuits.

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