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Membership dues and financial contributions are the primary resources that help advance the strategic objectives of the Napa Women’s Club, including maintenance of the NWC historic clubhouse.

Please consult a qualified financial adviser regarding the tax deductibility of gifts and contributions made to nonprofit organizations like the NWC

Online Payments and Donations to the Evening Edition

In the near future, members and donors will be able to use the PayPal portal linked below to make secured contributions.

secure payments with paypal

Other Options for Payments and Donations for the Evening Edition

Checks and credit card information to process non web-based contributions to the NWC also can be mailed or forwarded to:

    Ms. Cynthia Frederick
    Treasurer, Evening Edition
    Napa Women’s Club
    218 Franklin Street
    Napa, CA  94559

Thank you for timely payment of membership dues and for the generous contributions that support the many worthwhile causes of the NWC.

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